Assuming the role of a caregiver is not something to We all know that feeling – the role reversal that occurs. Your parents took care of you during your childhood and probably feel like they still take care of you. But there reaches a point when the roles reverse, and you become the family caregiver.

Being that family caregiver can take a toll on you emotionally and physically. It’s hard to take on both the roles of a caregiver and a family member. Sometimes those roles can have negative effects on each other. It could hinder the personal relationship you have with your parent or older family member when stepping in as a caregiver. You have to keep in mind that you also might have kids at home to take care of as well.

This is just as huge of a responsibility as taking care of your own children. It could also add strains to your personal life, between you and your parent or significant other.

Hiring an agency can help create a balance so you’re not in this alone. By hiring an agency, it helps lighten the load off your shoulders, and you can be involved in this process as much as you please. You will be able to work with the agency to discuss the schedules and services for your senior and make sure their needs are met. The times that you are at work, the caregiver can be there making sure your senior isn’t neglected.

Keep in mind you do need to talk with your senior loved one about hiring a caregiver because their voice needs to be heard too. As long as you talk through it and have a plan set, it can be a smooth transition.

By hiring a caregiver you can prevent added stress to your life as well as continuing a healthy relationship with your senior loved one.

Written by Sally Dahlem

Sally Dahlem is a partner at Home by Choice, which provides private-duty homecare services. She and her business partner, John Markham, have more than 35 years of experience in home healthcare, assisted living, long-term care and the medical equipment industries.